Friday, February 7, 2014

Nonconformity and Disorientation in Dionisio Martinezs Hysteria

The Chicano school of poetry is characterized by its bilingualism and subject matter much(prenominal) as the displacement and dispossession in American culture. every last(predicate)(prenominal) poets style of writing varies but encompasses one of the characteristics antecedently mentioned. Dionisio D. Martinez has a very distinctive style of writing compared to the opposite poets; he is a Cuban immigrant who avails himself of the traditions of European surrealism, American countermand expressionism, and the red-hot York school (Norton Ixiii). His poetry is typic on the wholey written in standard edited American English, and is characterized by a juxtaposition of images that one might find perplexing and dreamlike. These are every characteristics one can find in his poem Hysteria. In Hysteria, Martinez criticizes Americans for their superficiality while also rebelling and showing his confusion toward the culture. The natal critique Martinez makes in Hy steria is how Americans superficiality blinds them from what is important. He is up to(predicate) to make this upbraiding by juxtaposing different images to reveal his condemnation indirectly. The first images that the reader is exposed to is of a reporter and poet from prize who focused much of his attention reporting on the intellectual and local issues of pelf. This reporter and poet is Carl Sandburg. The reader is first introduced to Sandburg on a clams night while he is walking and carrying and flush a map. The fact that Sandburg unfolds the map contrasts the later image of the folded newspapers. The folded newspapers besiege several things and among these things is how a headline is a fact and on the whole stories are suspect (35-6). One of the ways this can be interpreted is that the news now-a-days is unreliable, well(p) of inaccuracies, and superficial things like how facial gist expressions contribute to wrinkles. The fact that Sandburg is u nfolding a map of Chicagoit is as if he is l! ooking for an important story to amend about. It is as if he is preparing...If you want to get a unspoiled essay, order it on our website:

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